Release the pain!

Suffering from joints, muscle, or visceral pain ? You can’t rest or you must reduce or stop physical activities?

Because of a wrong move, a bad fall, a cold... the body can be surprised by a situation from everyday life and block muscles and tendons at joints or visceral levels to protect its structure. Pain may then settle in and make your life difficult.

In 60-70% of these situations, osteopathic treatments will help to decongest these mechanical blockages and release the movement. The inflammation following the blockage usually disappears within a couple of days after treatment.

Among the multiple osteopathic healing techniques, I propose Spinal and Limbs Reflex Therapy sessions, called Niromathé© method.

I consult through home consulting or at my place in Villeloin-Coulangé (37), 20min drive from Loches, Montrichard and Saint-Aignan. My fees can range from 40 to 60 euros, depending on the complexity of the treatment. An invoice is provided for each payment.

Examples of indications

Here are some typical clinical indications. A broader list of indications is available at the end of the presentation of Niromathé method.

Manual healing of lumbagos


After a wrong move, vertebrae and hip bones can be blocked and generate inflammation and pain. A healing session focused on hip will allow the release of the joints.

Therapie manuelle pour soigner les Lombo-sciatiques et névralgies cervico-brachiales

Lumbar sciatica and cervicobrachial neuralgia

The whole musculotendinous chain of the limbs can be involved in the blocking and a healing session around gristles and ligaments will release the associated pain.

Therapie manuelle pour soigner les Céphalées


Some cephalgia, Arnold’s neuralgia can be due to congestions of cranial articulations, which are often the result of a concussion or a cold. Unblocking and pain release are immediate.

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About Niromathé method


A mechanical blocking (wrong move, bad fall, cold…) can be responsible for osteoarticular or visceral congestion, causing an underlying lymphatic congestion at some key points and creating an osteopathic lesion. While osteopathic lesion is being created, cutaneous and subcutaneous points are deprogrammed, and this can last for years. The purpose of the Niromathe method is to understand the position in which congestion has occurred, and then unloosing the keys points in this position to allow the lift off of the spasm creating the osteopathic lesion.

This method was born from close observation of empirical methods used by manual healers ("bonesetters") and can be explained by the vibratory effect to skin level on anatomical and energetic (meridian points used in Traditional Chinese Medicine) key points. This is a technique without structural manipulations, which is performed without "cracking" and thus, accessible to everyone, from the infant to the elderly, as well as to the pregnant woman.

This method is
  • easy to perform
  • gentle, painless and without side effects
  • applicable for all osteopathic lesions, without exception
  • available for everyone, from the infant to the elderly
  • with immediate effects of at least 75% improvement
  • safe, as we work on the skin only
  • In 30% of cases, patients feel immediately well (if no associated inflammation)
  • In 30% of cases, it can take 3 days to release the symptoms
  • in 30% of cases, it can take 8 days to release the symptoms (necessary time for the inflammation to disappear)
  • Like any "Reflex" method, a frequent fatigue within 24 hours after the session can appear
  • The joints remain fragile for 48 hours and rest is recommended. It is possible to work (without excess), but sport is not recommended for 8 days
  • a possible rebound phenomenon is possible (1 out of 10). It’s characterized by a worsening of symptoms, which lasts no longer than 72 hours and bodes well since it corresponds to a rapid correction
  • If the blockage persists, a second session or more will be necessary, especially for chronic cases
  • During the days following treatment, avoid massage, scrub or rub the treated areas

List of main indications (non-exhaustive)

Osteoarticular congestions (acute or chronic)

Cervicalgia (torticolis), dorsalgia, lombalgia (lumbago), sacralgia, coccygodynia, cephalagia, migraines, sinusitis, facial pain, tendinitis (regardless of location), nevralgia (cranial, facial, cervico-brachial, thoracic, abdominal, sacral , femoral, sciatica), periarthritis, capsulitis, bursitis, inflammatory calcifications inflammatory (e.g. calcified tendonitis of the supraspinatus or of the long plantar ligament), carpal tunnel ...

Visceral congestions (acute or chronic)

Lots of pharyngitis, oesophagitis, gastritis, colitis, cystitis, gynecological disorders, and congested hemorrhoids got better thanks to Niromathé.

Functional disorders (acute or chronic)

Insomnia, strabism, stuttering, snoring, tinnitus, Vertigo (almost always related to the blocking of the 1st cervical vertebra), tears of the infant (who can suffer even if he does not verbally express), anxiety , enuresis ...

About me

Trained as an Engineer and graduated from Télécom St-Etienne, I’ve been working in medical imaging industry for more than 15 years.
Through my many years in contact with healthcare professionals and patients, it had led me to reflect on the approach of healing. This reflection steered me on the global and energetic vision of the human body. In this context, I decided to start a training in manual and energetic healing, which I completed in July 2014. I then followed the NIROMATHE training in 2015.

Manual healing curriculum

  • 2 years course on "Energetic and Craniosacral Osteopathy" (Poyet-Marchandise based method) and "Ortho-therapy" (Moneyron based method) at C.E.T.M.E. (Centre d'Enseignement des Thérapies Manuelles et Energétiques) in Annecy (2013 & 2014).
  • Training on "Niromathé©" (Spinal and Limbs Reflex Therapy), by Thierry Vandorme and Dr. Raymond Branly, in Paris (2015).

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